Did some hobby, as little as it is. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. I’ll hopefully have the rest of the unit built by the end of the week

2 plastic Lumineth Relmlords models with pikes, and a High Warden with sword, freshly assembled, amd lying on my cutting mat

⭐️ It’s good to be the King!

⭐️ Converted Miniatures: Why They Don’t Always Look “Right”

I originally built and primed these around the time the Custodes codex was released, if you’re wondering how long it sometimes takes me to get back to a project… currently blocking in all the non-gold areas with black #WarhammerCommunity

⭐️ Spray Paint Camo - Masking and Spray Cans - Warhammer 40K Blog

Whoop! 3 model Combat Patrol has arrived 😁

Undoing past mistakes…

99% IPA + a sonic cleaner is a very effective and efficient way of stripping paint from plastic models! #warhammercommunity #warmongers

⭐️ Mengel Miniatures: Space Marine Chapter Hesitancy Syndrome

It can’t help every pot — looking at you, GW Liberator and Auric Armour golds — but it’s worked on the vast majority. Even on Scale 75 and Army Painter paints that have been sitting on their sides in a drawer for anywhere between 2 and 5 years

I bought one of those test tube shakers off Amazon, to make shaking and reactivating separated paints easier… holy heck, I wish I got one of these sooner! Paint I thought was unsalvageable is usable again in seconds 😁

Still thinking about this as a possible Combat Patrol 🤔 #WarhammerCommunity #New40K

⭐️ Freikstorn Strix – WIP - Convert or Die

⭐️ Howling Griffon

I can’t decide between these two Ultramarines schemes. The metallic will be quicker to paint (probably), but the “regular” blue is sooo nice! #WarhammerCommunity



Courage & Honour intensifies… #WarhammerCommunity

⭐️ The Biggest Blightlord of them all…

I swear, I know of few companies to undercut goodwill as regularly and as spectacularly as Games Workshop does. If one of your authors stands up to toxic bullies acting against a community member, you should be celebrating them, not firing them

I feel like I’m in the minority on the whole 40K app thing. For me, I think it’s pretty great and fills most of what I wanted:

  • no longer carting heavy books around
  • no having to choose between paper and digital
  • always updated rules and points

I really, really, really hope Age of Sigmar quickly adopts an official equivalent of the #New40K game sizes like Combat Patrol, and the minimum-size game board recommendations. It’d be so good for home gamers and beginners! #WarhammerCommunity

I didn’t expect these to turn up today, but the delivery gods smile upon me. Woohoo! #WarhammerCommunity

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