I dunno what’s going on, but it feels like any time over the last 2 weeks when I think I might get out to prime some miniatures, the wind starts picking up immediately. Or it rains.

I’ve had a pretty productive building session today, while watching Wrestlemania and Sharpe. I’ve only got a few more units left to build until I’ve built everything in my reduced Stormcast backlog (excluding the dragons for now).

A desk covered in 25 assembled, bare plastic Stormcast Eternals

I’m starting to accept that Daughters of Khaine are an AOS army that I like the concept and style of, but absolutely hate painting, to the point I might just give up on my current project. I’ll keep the Croneseer, but the rest is likely ending up in the “to sell” box.

In an effort to have at least some differentiation between the units of Vindictors in my Stormcast Eternals, I converted this alternative Signifier using one of the 2 female sculpts in the kit and a 3d printed head. I’m particularly happy I managed to get the banner and hair flowing the same way

A converted Stormcast Eternals Vindictor miniature. Its spear has been replaced with a banner, and the head has been replaced with a 3D printed alternative. It has been posed dramatically, as if the banner and hair are blowing in the wind

My kingdom for a gold primer spray that’s actually any good 😒

I did a stock-take on my Stormcast Eternals backlog, to see what I have to deal with (just the “Thunderstrike” models; the older style are going to get sold/donated). It’s tentatively not as bad as I thought, though I think I’m missing 2-3 sprues, and I have 15 more Vindictors than I thought…

March Warhammer Accounting

It feels like a mixed bag of a month. I bought quite a few new minis despite the goal being not to… and while I made progress from the backlog, I didn’t manage to finish painting anything.

  • Miniatures purchased: 42
  • Miniatures assembled: 55
  • Miniatures started painting (including priming): 73
  • Miniatures finished painted: 0
  • Warhammer Fund withdrawals: £351
  • Warhammer Fund final balance: £122

So some progress, but not as much as I’d like. I had visions of completing the Sylvaneth I built last month plus maybe one other project during the month, but I found myself too burned out from work to maintain the energy needed to sit and paint much in the evenings. Instead, painting was 5 minutes here and there, or applying a wash while waiting for something else.

On a more positive note, I have still made significant progress on two armies: Sylvaneth, and Daughters of Khaine. For whatever reason, I’ve been inspired to work on the various flavours of elf I have lying around. The woodsy-elves just need a light drybrush, some details, and basing to be considered complete; the stabby-stabby-elves mostly need some clean-up/highlights and basing for the first wave to be finished enough. The second wave is currently un-built while I try to nail down the army colour scheme and process. It’s been proving a challenge. I’m not happy with how things are looking right now, so my enthusiasm has dipped and I’ve been second-guessing everything. I need to get out of my head and “get it done”. With a fair wind (and less nonsense at work) I should hopefully get one or both finished in April.

I primed the Blades of Khorne built last month at the same time as I primed the Daughters of Khaine, so they’re good to go once I clear at least one of the in-progress elven armies out of the way. I’m thinking I want to make them as quick and simple as possible. I should have prepared them for the slapchop method, but I’ve primed them too light in hindsight. It should be recoverable - apply some washes, drybrush, then follow the usual slapchop process.

In celebration of playing my first game with the Cities of Sigmar, I bought, built, and primed a unit of Fusiliers as the first expansion unit. As tempting as it is to go ham with expanding this army at the minute, I’m only letting myself add and complete a single unit at a time.

Interestingly, it’s another month with zero progress on anything 40K-related. For whatever reason it’s just not holding my attention at the moment, even though I have had a couple of project ideas during the last month. It’s taking some willpower not to act on those ideas, but I’m helped by the fact they’d be neither cheap nor quick!

Looking ahead, I want to finally start making progress on my Stormcast Eternals. They were one of my big aspirations for this year, and I haven’t done anything with them so far. With the new AOS edition coming in a few months supposedly bringing some old units up to date with the more modern “Thunderstrike” redesign, I can’t see me being able to resist adding the units from the launch box. So maybe the Stormcast are what I should be concentrating on. I need to figure out a replicable process that’s either quick, easy, or low-stress (ideally all three!) that fits the vision I have for what I want this army to look like - battle-worn, slightly “grimdark”, but knightly and heroic.

But then again, there’s also the Darkoath boxsets on the horizon…

  1. Some of the purchased miniatures were delayed birthday gifts, so I didn’t pay for them out of the Warhammer Fund. ↩︎

  2. The “real” total is higher, as I put some extra money I had into the fund account to put it aside for future purchases I know I’m going to make. I’m only tracking funds from backlog progress here. ↩︎

First game of AOS3 in the bag. My Cities of Sigmar vs Ogors, at 600pts each. I still have a lot of minutiae to learn, but it was fun. And quick! I ended up winning 15-2, but it easily could’ve gone the other way. Cavaliers were my star of the game, as they hit like a truck when they charge ⚔️

Today seems like an ideal time to play my first game of Age of Sigmar 3rd edition… 😅

Taking advantage of a very rare sunny, reasonably temperate, not excessively windy day to get a whole lot of priming done. 🤞🏻 the weather holds until late tomorrow, as I have some more to be sprayed, but need to finish assembling them first…

A box of games workshop miniatures that have been sprayed with various colours of primer. There are 23 in light grey, 8 in bright red, and 21 in warm, off-white

Hmm. It looks like The Mighty Brush no longer make the transfers I used on my Cities of Sigmar - meaning I have a finite number of extra units I can add before I use up my existing sheet. It does seem like there’s a new version “coming soon”, but the design is very slightly different - though I’m sure no one will notice but me 🤔

I just used the new Micro.blog feature to add a blogroll of all the hobby blogs I subscribe to: https://worldsinminiature.com/blogroll/. So if you’re looking for a new blog to read, I’ve got you covered! 🙂

And if you have a miniature painting/wargaming blog of your own, please let me know!

Oh, cool. My local Warhammer store is starting up their adult beginner classes again. Given I’ve not found time to play since 40K 7th Edition, or very early AOS 2nd edition, I might try to book in to some of these.

I’m increasingly finding myself drawn to the smaller, niche/“boutique” Games Workshop kits, rather than the regular ranges. Case in point, the previewed Darkoath set, Callis & Toll, the Witchhunters, the Gnome Blood Bowl team. The various weirdos of the Warhammer settings, basically.

A collection of five Warhammer miniature figures, each showcasing unique warrior designs, weapons, and armor, positioned on individual bases. They are styled as low-fantasy tribal warriors and mystics

Starting off March by assembling the rest of my Endless Spells that have been in their bag since 2018. The Prismatic Palisade was assembled years ago, so I’ll have to go hunt that out before completing the set… these will be a nice change of pace from the masses of infantry I’m working on elsewhere

Endless Spell models, by Games Workshop, unpainted, on a messy desk. They are in a variety of coloured plastics

I know I’m several years behind on this, but - oh my, the Purple Sun of Shyish model is an absolute masterpiece in miniatures engineering 😍

February Warhammer Accounting

Overall a month of pretty steady progress, even though I didn’t finish that much. The headline numbers are:

  • Miniatures purchased: 5
  • Miniatures assembled: 58
  • Miniatures started painting (including priming): 78
  • Miniatures finished painted: 28
  • Warhammer Fund withdrawals: £40
  • Warhammer Fund final balance: £47

The purchased minis are a box of Gossamid Archers I bought myself with some birthday money. As such, these didn’t come from the Warhammer Fund like they would have normally. They round out the initial Sylvaneth collection I’ve put together from Stormbringer miniatures and some Dryads I had lying about.

Assembly was a thing I made big progress on. The number includes 26 Sylvaneth miniatures (5 Tree Revenants, 16 Dryads, and the Gossamid Archers), 29 Blades of Khorne from the very first Age of Sigmar boxset, and a couple of Order models I had lying around. Nothing for 40K this month!

I also managed to squeeze in a bit of priming, or otherwise starting to paint, plenty of models. Everything I have for the Sylvaneth, so: everything mentioned above, plus a Spirit of Durthu, 5 more Tree Revenants, an Arch Revenant, Branchwych, and an Underworlds warband. On the 40K side I got 15 Dark Angels and 25 Cadian Shock Troops ready for more paint.

And happily, I managed to finish painting my Cities of Sigmar boxset. This added £54 to the Warhammer Fund, briefly bringing it up to £87, before I withdrew £40 to finally buy the Space Marine Codex + an issue of White Dwarf (technically more than the £40, but I had some change in my pocket so I’m not going to be too fussy).

It did take some willpower to not splurge cash on the new Dark Angels release over the weekend. I’ll be adding Asmodai, the Inner Circle Companions, and some more upgrade sprues at some point, but I need to make more progress with the sets I already have first.

Hopefully I can get at least one of the in-flight projects finished off in March and get The Fund topped back up!

I pulled a box of Dryads out of the backlog that I’ve had taking up space since AOS launched in 2015, which feels like some sort of achievement. Got them built and primed today too, so hopefully they won’t spend another 9 years hanging around in limbo 😅

And with that project finished, another £54 gets put into the hobby fund. A couple more projects to go before there’s enough in the kitty for the big summer releases

Transfers on, so I guess my Cities of Sigmar box set is finally finished!

It was a bit of a grind in the end, and sloppier in places than I intended when I started out, but I was determined to get them finished this weekend and out of the perpetual “todo” pile.

— #Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity

Miniatures from the Cities of Sigmar range, by Games Workshop. They are fully painted and arranged for display. The dominant uniform colours are blue, red, silver, and gold. The army iconography consists of a white skull on a black background