Overall a month of pretty steady progress, even though I didn’t finish that much. The headline numbers are:

  • Miniatures purchased: 5
  • Miniatures assembled: 58
  • Miniatures started painting (including priming): 78
  • Miniatures finished painted: 28
  • Warhammer Fund withdrawals: £40
  • Warhammer Fund final balance: £47

The purchased minis are a box of Gossamid Archers I bought myself with some birthday money. As such, these didn’t come from the Warhammer Fund like they would have normally. They round out the initial Sylvaneth collection I’ve put together from Stormbringer miniatures and some Dryads I had lying about.

Assembly was a thing I made big progress on. The number includes 26 Sylvaneth miniatures (5 Tree Revenants, 16 Dryads, and the Gossamid Archers), 29 Blades of Khorne from the very first Age of Sigmar boxset, and a couple of Order models I had lying around. Nothing for 40K this month!

I also managed to squeeze in a bit of priming, or otherwise starting to paint, plenty of models. Everything I have for the Sylvaneth, so: everything mentioned above, plus a Spirit of Durthu, 5 more Tree Revenants, an Arch Revenant, Branchwych, and an Underworlds warband. On the 40K side I got 15 Dark Angels and 25 Cadian Shock Troops ready for more paint.

And happily, I managed to finish painting my Cities of Sigmar boxset. This added £54 to the Warhammer Fund, briefly bringing it up to £87, before I withdrew £40 to finally buy the Space Marine Codex + an issue of White Dwarf (technically more than the £40, but I had some change in my pocket so I’m not going to be too fussy).

It did take some willpower to not splurge cash on the new Dark Angels release over the weekend. I’ll be adding Asmodai, the Inner Circle Companions, and some more upgrade sprues at some point, but I need to make more progress with the sets I already have first.

Hopefully I can get at least one of the in-flight projects finished off in March and get The Fund topped back up!