It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means that, naturally, thoughts turn to the coming year and what we might like to achieve during it. I generally don’t make resolutions, as I find them confining and life too messy to be sure of completing them, but I do like to list some vaguely prioritised aspirations. If I get through one or more of them, fantastic; if not, oh well.

The bigger ones

There are a couple of bigger goals I’d like to work towards:

  1. Paint all my Space Marines,
  2. Paint my Stormcast Eternals.

I have a lot from both these ranges. Space Marines are, and always will be, my favourite faction in 40K. I likely have hundreds of Space Marines, and very few of them painted. I’m hoping to change that. I’ve come up with a colour scheme that’s interesting and relatively quick, I just need to get on with it and paint them all.

Stormcast are a little different. They’re not my favourite AOS faction, but I do really like the most recent design overhaul. More importantly, I’ve had a vision for a particular army rattling around my head that I would like to see realised -- mostly so I can move on!

The middling ones

Less grandiose plans include:

  • Work towards my goal of painting one of every Combat Patrol during the life of 40K 10th Edition. I’ve got 3 done sofar, with another 2 not far behind. My worry is GW are going to re-do each Patrol as they release codices. I picked this goal as I realised I had the parts for approximately half the existing boxes, bar the odd kit.
  • Paint up my Dark Elves for The Old World. Not too much to say here; I’ve already built and started on most of the core regiments. A little bit more work and they’ll be tabletop ready.
  • Paint the Flesh Eater Courts that we’re going to be my “New Year, New Army” project in January 2023. Whoops.
  • Finish my Cities of Sigmar box set. I’ve got a solid start, I just need to knuckle down and get it finished…

The minor ones

I keep having ideas about retro/oldhammer projects, and I’d like to get them done… some time… so I can say I did them. There’s a few knocking around the old brain pan, but the main two are:

  • Rogue Trader inspired Crimson Fists or Mentors Legion Space Marines, using modern MK VI kits. This was going to be my Armies on Parade entry about 6 years ago 😬
  • Second Edition 40K inspired Ultra Marines. I don’t want many, just a few. Maybe a Kill Team. Goblin Green bases and all.

Summing up

Obviously this is a lot of stuff. There’s not many bullet points, but when you stop and think about it, many of these are pretty big projects. That’s why I’m not putting much pressure on myself to get them done in one year. Incremental progress will be fine, so long as I don’t add even more to the list!

What about you? What are you planning to work through in 2024?