New miniatures previewed by Games Workshop (clockwise): Armand Callis, in light plate armour and wielding 2 flintlock pistols; Lyssa Revenya, in thieves garb and carrying a grappling hook; Mistress Verentia, the Weaver of Secrets, wearing nobles regalia, a metal glove with a magic stone in it, and a walking cane with a sharp metal point, and accompanied by a hairless cat wearing a prominently bejewelled collar; Valius, a Stormcast Eternal in heavy golden warplate, and accompanied by a gryph-hound; Hanniver Toll, in witch-hunter's uniform, carrying a lantern and a pistol with an underslung wooden stake.

Of all the previews coming from the Las Vegas Open, it's only really the new miniatures of Callis & Toll (and friends) that have caught my eye. I enjoyed watching their short animated story before Christmas, and was thinking just the other day they'd make a great "Black Library Day" release. These miniatures would also go great alongside the other "Agents of Azyr" I've painted recently!

I really need to get around to reading to their previous books, to get caught up on their story!