Over the last year or so, Harder & Steenbeck have noticeably started focusing more on the miniature painting market, and have been putting out some great airbrushing videos on YouTube. Some of it obviously talks about how great their airbrushes are – and they are, in my opinion; I own 4 – but there’s still a lot of great information to be had. Particularly as it’s direct from an airbrush manufacturer who know how these things work and not just some guy who read something on the internet one time!

Even though I’ve been using an airbrush for over 10 years, I’m making my way through their “Need To Know Basics” series to see if there’s anything I should start (or stop!) doing, but any of the videos from the last 3-4 months in particular are worth your time.

1 thing I’ve started doing off the back of watching these videos, is check the distance at which I’m spraying from more often. In general: a fist’s width away for base-coating/priming, and 2 finger’s width for highlighting, occasionally going down to 1 finger width for very small highlights. So far it’s working out pretty well and I feel a bit more in control. I’d been airbrushing less often over the last 9 months or so, so these have been good tips to help me get back into practice.