I’m late posting these Chaos Sorcerers (and familiars) but they were built yesterday, on day 3 of my hobby streak.

The models are the Sorcerer Lord that’s been around for years, and the Warhammer+ subscriber exclusive miniature “Mibylorr Darkfang”. Both were super simple to build. Depending what other models I pick up for my growing Chaos army, I might use Mibylorr for my leader in a Path To Glory campaign.

I’ve been really lax about posting up the things I’ve worked on in January – and it’s been a productive month! I managed to get through a few projects which had sat around for a while unfinished. I’ll be posting them all over the next couple of days, and I’ll try to be more disciplined in posting as I go from here on out!

First up we’re a small handful of Ogors which I got from the Feast of Bones box set. I didn’t anticipate these would be the first thing I finished from that set!

The paint jobs are incredibly simple. Over a zenithal base coat I applied mainly Contrast paints; blue and yellow for the clothes, brown for the leather, orange for beards and hair, red for the gut-plates, and finally, some of the skin tones. The skin was then roughly layered up with some paints from the new Army Painter skin tones set. Metals were painted then washed, with only a quick highlight applied. Everything else was pretty much left with just the Contrast layer.

Bases were painted Goblin Green as I felt the overall scheme came across as a bit “retro” once it was finished.