Adding to the Jelson Darrock I built on day 1, I’ve built the rest of my Order of Azyr miniatures. All of them were a treat to put together, and it was good to get the Ven Denst’s built, as they were a birthday present from back in February!

I do need to clean up a few more spots on the models before I can put paint on them; my eyes have been playing up recently, which makes it hard to see mould lines and missed sprue connection points … but I know they must be there, so I’ll go back over with a sanding sponge once I’m able to focus on things up close again!

I’m trying out this hobby streak thing, to see if I can build some momentum again with my building and painting again. First up is Jelson Darrock from Cursed City, which I received through the mail just this morning! There’s still some final clean up to do before I can paint, but even a small step is a start.