My first Infinity minature has been completed! There’s loads I’m unhappy with, naturally (mainly, the face), but it’s done, and overall I like it and can’t wait to paint more of the Infinity range.

The base is simple black because I had a weird issue with the snow basing product I was using – it started to react with the paint underneath, causing it to bleed into the snow and create a horrible texture. So I scraped it off before it could damage the model itself… although that’s why there’s a little bit of “oddness” around the feet.

Because the face is so small on this miniature, and surrounded by other details, I wanted to start there. The physical difference in scale between Infinity miniatures, and the Warhammer miniatures I’m used to is quite astounding! I’m really struggling at times, and I’ve had to use magnifiers a few times already. It’s a lovely change of pace though – I can’t wait to work on it some more!

My first Infinity miniatures, ready to paint. I’ve had the Yu Jing chap for quite a while, as it came with an Angel Giraldez painting guide a few years back (I’ve also got Jean d’Arc somewhere…), but I picked up Oktavia Grímsdóttir recently as I just liked the model.

I’ve also picked up the N4 rulebook and the Code One starter set. Infinity has interested me for ages, but I’e never got around to scratching that itch until recently. I’m excited to dive in!