I really hated painting the newer-but-just-replaced Skeleton Warriors (the ones from the previous Start Collecting! set), so I had an urge to get hold of the older kit from 1994ish. These are obviously much simpler, with no spindly rags and kibble adorning them, so should be much simpler to paint. I’ve managed to get hold of 40, all-told, so can bulk out my shambling undead hordes quite substantially.

The last Reiver from my mini-of-the-month paint-along, and possibly my favourite!

The painting process was very simple for this one! Starting from the Mechanicus Standard Grey primer, I airbrushed very thin layers of Tamiya Flat White to build up the transition and gradient. Once I was happy with the progression from grey to white, I pin-washed the model with Paynes Grey. Red details and markings were painted with Flesh Tearers Red Contrast paint.

Almost done with the Reivers! Today is a Dark Angel, and the painting process is largely the same as before, just changing the colours:

Zenithal white over the primer; from below, spray thin layers of Dark Angels Green Contrast paint. The idea is to build it up so it’s very dark in the shadow areas, but fades into the white as you reach the upper surfaces. Then, Warp Lightning Contrast paint is sprayed from above, covering the white and mixing in the other areas to create the transition. Finish off with a black oil wash in the recesses.

Another day, another Reiver. This time it’s an Ultramarine, and I went with a variant colour scheme, rather than the standard Chapter colour. I wanted to try out something I might do with any Phobos units I want to add to my small Ultramarines collection.

This time there were no Contrast paints involved, although the process was very similar: zenithal white over the primer, then apply a thin layer of Dark Reaper. As an experiment I used Nighthaunt Gloom Technical paint through the airbrush to get the highlight. Then I pin washed with black oil paint. The shoulder pad was painted to match my existing Ultramarines, and the basing also matches.

Another Primaris Reiver for mini-of-the-month, this time an Imperial Fist. I was tempted to go with a black or dark grey scheme, like some of the old Heresy variations, but the idea of a “terror troop” in bright yellow armour was a dichotomy I couldn’t resist!

As with the Blood Angel, the method is quick and simple: zenithal white, airbrush Iyanden Yellow Contrast paint, lightly zenithal over that with Phallanx Yellow, then recess shade with Burnt Umber oil paint. The base was given a coat of dark brown texture paint, then had random splodges of pigment powders swirled and blended over it.

The GW “miniature of the month” is the Space Marine Primaris. I have somewhere around 40 of these built, primed in grey, and sitting in a box waiting for me to do something with them, so this seemed like the ideal reason to use up a couple of them.

This was a suuuuper quick paint job. It’s a zenithal spray of white over the grey, followed by thin coats of Blood Angels Red Contrast paint. Then, from below I sprayed thinned Flesh Tearers Red Contrast paint into the shadows. All the other details were given a simple basecoat of a relevant colour, then the everything was given a recess shade with an oil wash (I think it was Burnt Umber) Transfers were applied, then it was varnished and based. The whole thing only took a couple of hours.

I’ll be honest, I hated painting these, but they’d been sitting on the shelf for so long I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Mostly simple basecoats, then oils and enamel washes to hide my lack of entusiasm and make them look semi-interesting.

Pretty much the only thing I found fun to do was the basing – I went with what I imagined a land lit only by the moon might look like, so it’s lots of blue/green tones: Instar Dark Teal, washed with Dark Reaper, drybrushed with Ionrach Flesh, and then the rim painted with Instar Midnight Blue.

I’ve got another 20 of these to build and paint and I’m really not looking forward to it. I think my hopes of having the beginnings of an army ready for the Soulblight Gravelords release just took a major hit.

A neat little kit to build. I continue to be impressed by the Corvus Belli metal miniatures, in terms of quality and level of detail. There were a few fiddly bits that my fingers felt too big for, but mostly they just needed clipping, some light filing, and glueing.

The tiny robot is adorable. Hopefully I’ll get to painting these up soon!

This was an experiment in trying out techniques from Marco Frisoni’s YouTube channel, trying to paint a small “warband” sized group of models in a short (4-ish hours) timeframe.

It’s a very different style to what I’d normally go for, but I can definitely see me painting more in this way as a break from the norm.

My first Infinity minature has been completed! There’s loads I’m unhappy with, naturally (mainly, the face), but it’s done, and overall I like it and can’t wait to paint more of the Infinity range.

The base is simple black because I had a weird issue with the snow basing product I was using – it started to react with the paint underneath, causing it to bleed into the snow and create a horrible texture. So I scraped it off before it could damage the model itself… although that’s why there’s a little bit of “oddness” around the feet.