Continuing on from the Ogors, I Painted up some scenery I’d had lying around for ages (I think these were left over from the previous Kill Team starter set)

The theme for January is very much “just get it done,” and with that in mind, the paint scheme is pretty simple. Back when I came into 40K, around the launch of 2nd Edition, all the buildings seemed to be painted using dark blue-greys, and I was feeling in a retro mood, so that’s what I’ve gone for here.

Everything was base coated with Dark Blue Grey from Monument Hobbies, then highlighted with drybrushed layers of Shadow Grey and Wolf Grey from Coat D’Arms. A couple of details were then picked out with a dark silver. Not the most exciting paint job, but I’m happy with how they turned out. I might go back and add some rust on the metal, but that’s a job for later!

I’ve been really lax about posting up the things I’ve worked on in January – and it’s been a productive month! I managed to get through a few projects which had sat around for a while unfinished. I’ll be posting them all over the next couple of days, and I’ll try to be more disciplined in posting as I go from here on out!

First up we’re a small handful of Ogors which I got from the Feast of Bones box set. I didn’t anticipate these would be the first thing I finished from that set!

The paint jobs are incredibly simple. Over a zenithal base coat I applied mainly Contrast paints; blue and yellow for the clothes, brown for the leather, orange for beards and hair, red for the gut-plates, and finally, some of the skin tones. The skin was then roughly layered up with some paints from the new Army Painter skin tones set. Metals were painted then washed, with only a quick highlight applied. Everything else was pretty much left with just the Contrast layer.

Bases were painted Goblin Green as I felt the overall scheme came across as a bit “retro” once it was finished.

I’ve gone and started another project. This time it’s slightly different. For the last couple of years I’ve been itching to do a retro-inspired 40K Space Marines army in the 2nd Edition style. I’ve gone back-and-forth on how to start this a few times, ranging from completely old models from the era, to completely modern Primaris units painted in the old style.

Well, inspired by a recent Snipe & Wib video, I’ve made a start using older – but not necessarily of the time – model kits. This lets me have the style of the original army, but without being at the whims of the secondhand market, or dealing with metal models – except where I specifically want to. So I’m using the “current” Tactical Squad kit as the base, along with an old plastic Dreadnought (with a multi-melta sourced from eBay), and a few other bits and bobs.

I’m not planning on it being a massive project; I plan on getting the bulk painted over the festive break, and then might add small extras throughout the year… it’s just one of those ideas my brain kept coming back to, so I knew I had to get it out of the way sooner or later!

I finally got around to putting some (non primer) paint on my Thunderstrike Stormcast Eternals. Nothing fancy, just a quick blast with Vallejo Metal Colour Magnesium as a first base coat on the armour.

I managed to get this layer on everything but Yndrasta in around an hour, which was my goal; I’m trying to get in the habit of doing more hobby time in short bursts. Too often I find myself not doing anything as I tell myself I’ll not get anything worthwhile done in less than a couple of hours of work – which is really not true, and holding me back a bit.

I was particularly pleased with how well I managed to avoid too much overspray when applying the silver. Most areas should only need small amounts of cleanup. In last night’s painting session (my first in a while weeks) I felt like I’d lost all of my fine control with my airbrush, due to lack of practice. So these turning out well was a nice boost to my confidence levels!

I’ve made a start on my Black Templars Crusade forces – the first Crusader squad, Marshal, and Emperor’s Champion have been assembled. Tentatively, I’ve got another Crusader squad, some Intercessors, and 2 Dreadnoughts to build, then I can start thinking about how I want to expand. This is going to be my main project for the foreseeable, and you’ll see one of the ways I’m planning to add some flavour to the army in the pictures above.

Each unit is going to receive a squad banner of some description, reminiscent of regiments standards from older editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. One of the things which struck me from a lot of the Black Templars artwork was the amount of banners, standards, and pennants visible. This one below in particular caught my eye:

So rather than just do “regular” back banners on sergeants, I figured I’d turn things up to 11!

Of course, if every unit has a standard, I’m going to have to do something extra special for the Ancient carrying the banner representing the entire Crusade…

Nothing much exciting; just getting the initial zenithal priming done on these Aggressors I’ve had sitting around. Half are from the Imperium part work, the other half are from the older Conquest magazine.

The initial layer is Zandri Dust, then I come in from above with Wraithbone… but after reflection I think Wraithbone is too light for what I’m going for and I’ll need to find a more suitable spray.