I’ve just used my first can of Army Painter spray primer since they relaunched them last year, and it was so much of an improvement over my previous experiences with the brand that I might actually start buying them again! For years, AP primers have been my primer of absolute last resort – my experiences hadn’t been good at all – from cans clogging completely just a few minutes into their first priming session, to bad finishes, to the absolutely awful sickly-sweet stink that seemed to linger for days.

But I needed a can of Wolf Grey, to follow along with a Sonic Sledgehammer tutorial, so I ordered it and braced for the worst. (I also ordered a Colour Forge Wolfkin Grey as a backup, even though I believe that one is a step darker)

The experience couldn’t have been more different to before – everything was primed smoothly, with no clogging of the can or miniature detail, and – maybe best of all – little to no odour! I wouldn’t say the spraying conditions were the best, either, so the good outcome despite that is another tick in the win column. So good job, AP! I think Colour Forge will stay as my “go-to”, as it’s slightly cheaper and you get more per can, but now I wont be so reluctant to consider an AP primer… especially for some of the more unusual primer colours they have in the range.

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