A line chart showing my miniature painting output in 2022. The Y-axis is model count per month, and the X-axis is month of the year. The values are:
Jan	68
Feb	5
Mar	0
Apr	9
May	0
Jun	0
Jul	0
Aug	0
Sep	0
Oct	0
Nov	0
Dec	20
See if you can spot the months when I was busy/sick

So, 2022. All-in-all, it was a pretty dire year for me. It started well, with lots of promise and plans. Then I got sick, got better, got busy, then got sick again. I’m not 100% clear right now, and it will be an ongoing issue, but at least I can hold a brush for the moment.

January started with lots of odds-and-sods getting cleared out of the backlog. Little pieces that had been an idea once but were now just getting in the way. Ogres, terrain, and lots and lots of Skeletons!

February was Custodes, including a conversion I’m still quite proud of.

April was my attempt to get my Stormcast Eternals off the ground, finally, though I didn’t get very far.

Finally, in an attempt to break the 100 miniature mark, on December 31st I speed-painted 20 Dark Eldar Warriors I had bought at the start of the year, when GW re-released the miniatures from the 40K 3rd Edition boxset. Not my finest paintjob, but for ~5 hours work on 20 miniatures, they’re not bad at all. I don’t have a separate post about these, so the photos are below:

I went for a distinctly retro feel for these, but it’s 90% Contrast paints and drybrushing. I nearly went for classic green-rimmed bases, but couldn’t quite bring myself to do it: so black it was.

So what’s coming in 2023? Well, I want to try and get back into regular painting – as much as my health will let me – so I have a few projects “in flight” at the moment: Flesh-Eater Courts, Word Bearers, Imperial Guard, and a few other bits-and-pieces. I want the chart for 2023 to be less “spikey”. I’m consciously keeping most of it simple: relying on hairy brush rather than airbrush for the most part, simple and fast techniques, and basically trying not to overcomplicate what I want to do. The quicker I can go from idea to painted model, the better for keeping interest and inspiration. Time will tell if the plan works! I’ve used the New Year as a reset; if it wasn’t finished by the end of last year then it’s boxed up and put away until inspiration drives me to return to it.

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