I finally got around to painting the “Oldhammer” plastic skeletons from the 1990’s, which I bought in the lead up to the Soulblight Grave Lords release. Colour me disappointed when the new edition of Age of Sigmar removed the chance to build massive units of skeletons!

Nevertheless, it would be a shame to let these guys never see the light of day just because of some rules. Given the size of the batch I needed to keep the painting process as easy as possible if I wasn’t going to go insane!

The skeletons were primed with Trench Brown from Colour Forge. I’ve become a big fan of the Colour Forge spray primers – they have good coverage, are reliable, and have several which colour match to GW colours well. From there, I airbrushed on Vallejo Bone White from slightly above, leaving some brown in the recesses. Spears and any armour pieces were painted black, and their tips/plates drybrushed with Gun Metal from Coat D’Arms. Any bindings or straps were picked out with Rhinox Hide. From here, the entire model was given a thin wash with a mix of brown and green oil paints (Burnt Umber and Sap Green, if I remember rightly).

The shields started from a black primer, with the icons kept separate at first. The trimand icons were painted with Decayed Metal, and the backs drybrushed with Wood. The shields faces were tidied up with Coal Black, and the icons glued in place. The trim and icons were given a wash of Turquoise Light oil paint, with dabs of thicker oil paint to provide variation.

Bases were painted Dark Teal, washed with Dark Kraken, and lightly drybrushed with Ionrach Skin. The rims were painted with Midnight Blue.

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