I finally got around to putting some (non primer) paint on my Thunderstrike Stormcast Eternals. Nothing fancy, just a quick blast with Vallejo Metal Colour Magnesium as a first base coat on the armour.

I managed to get this layer on everything but Yndrasta in around an hour, which was my goal; I’m trying to get in the habit of doing more hobby time in short bursts. Too often I find myself not doing anything as I tell myself I’ll not get anything worthwhile done in less than a couple of hours of work – which is really not true, and holding me back a bit.

I was particularly pleased with how well I managed to avoid too much overspray when applying the silver. Most areas should only need small amounts of cleanup. In last night’s painting session (my first in a while weeks) I felt like I’d lost all of my fine control with my airbrush, due to lack of practice. So these turning out well was a nice boost to my confidence levels!

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