Building Stormcast Eternals

I’ve started a mini-project to get all of my new “Thunderstrike” Stormcast Eternals (the new ones from Dominion) built as quickly as possible. To make my army stand out, I’m giving every model a unique, helmetless, head. For some models this comes as a standard part of the kit, but for a few (and any duplicate models) I have converted them using heads from the Sequitors and Forgeworld upgrade kits. I have a few heads left over, so I’ll be able to add more to the army before I’m at risk of having duplicate heads.

Can I just take a moment to appreciate just how great the new push-fit models from Games Workshop are? Seriously, they’re some of the nicest models I’ve ever put together, and they don’t suffer from any of the soft details or other wierdness I’ve seen in older “easy to build” kits.

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