Games Night 13th Feb 2020

As I mentioned, the second half of our Necromunda campaign kicked off this week, but it had a surprisingly low turnout. For the first couple of hours it was just me and a guy who was temporarily in the campaign because he was visiting the city and had brought his Cawdor.

The Arbitrator has rolled up Shock and Awe for this week’s encounter, and I ended up as the defender. My objective was to bust through the attacker and move off the opposite edge of the board. Unfortunately, I was outnumbered 6-9, so it was going to be tough!

Random crew selection meant I didn’t have many “heavy hitters” on the board, but I did manage to have a couple of infiltrators. My strategy boiled down to: use the infiltrators to web as much of the opposing gang as possible while the rest of my crew moved up and off the board.

For the first couple of turns things went well enough to plan, but I wasn’t ever able to down enough of the Cawdor to let my champions move in to deliver a coup-de-gras. By the time the rest of my gang caught up, my infiltrators had been brought down in melee, and my escape routes were beginning to get closed off.

In the end, some creative use of smoke grenades allowed me to hop a couple of my gang off the table edge, although one ganger got to witness one of his accomplices get turned into a red mist by a Heavy Bolter salvo, just before the final activation of the game took him to the board edge.

I lost 6-4, but it was probably my favourite game of the campaign at that point. My opponent was great fun to play against, and played his gang well. Afterwards we had some time to kill while Mrs K. finished her games of AoS, so we swapped the Zone Mortalis walls around and re-wracked for a game of Search & Destroy. This time I was the attacker enjoying a numerical advantage at the start. It felt good!

I forgot to get some photos of the second game, but it was another fun one, that this time went firmly in my favour - despite forgetting to use a multi-activation and so leaving my Ambot vulnerable to the Heavy Bolter. It was gunned down in the first turn of its first game, before it had a chance to do anything! Oh well, that’s how things go sometimes 😅

So I finally managed to win a game with my gang… it’s a shame it wouldn’t count for the campaign, but hopefully it’s the start of a winning streak! We’ll find out next week…